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Furnace Tuneup Special back on $59

Did you remember to get serviced this year?

Regular visits are encouraged to make sure everything is working as expected. As a local business, we’re dedicated to keeping you up to date while maintaining integrity and transparency around our services. We’re here to serve our community and would love to share our services with you soon!

Why Should I Get A Tune-Up?

1. Avoid heating problems this winter.
There’s never a good time to have your furnace break down, but you certainly don’t want it to happen in the middle of winter! A furnace tune-up will ensure your furnace is running as smoothly as possible and help prevent unexpected problems when you need to heat your home the most.

2. Catch small problems before they become BIG problems.
The longer you ignore a problem with your furnace, the worse it will tend to get. Oftentimes, unattended problems will leave you with higher operating costs as well as more expensive repairs. During a tune-up, we’ll check for any problems — big or small — that your heating system might be experiencing and take care of them before they get worse.

3. Improve comfort levels in your home.
The whole reason you have a heating+cooling system in your home is to keep you and your family comfortable. Without an annual tune-up, your furnace will likely develop inefficiencies and problems that make it difficult to heat your home the way you want it to.

4. Lower your utility bills.
A tune-up will bring your furnace up to its peak operating efficiency. This will allow your unit to consume less energy and keep your utility bills under control. The earlier in the year you get your tune-up, the more you can take advantage of these lower operating costs.

5. Extend the life of your unit.
Furnaces that have annual tune-ups last much longer than poorly-maintained systems. By having your furnace tuned-up every year, you can add years to its operating life and increase the value of your investment in your system.

6. Maintain Manufactures or Home warranty.
If your furnace is under the manufactures warranty or you have a home warranty policy it is especially important to get an annual tune-up done. Most manufacturers and warranty plans stipulate that their warranty becomes void if the unit is not regularly maintained. A tune-up satisfies that requirement to maintain your warranty.

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Spring Woodlands Air Technicians
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HVAC | AC Repair Spring Tx | Woodlands

AC Tune Up

Its that time of year again to have your AC checked and tuned up. We are scheduling our Spring tune ups now for $59.00 per system. It is best to get them done early ( March, April ) for maximum savings.

Special Pricing – the $59 dollar AC | Heating System Checkup will be good through May 31, 2021. June 2021 the pricing for the System Checkup will be $79.00.

Also if you have Spring allergies, we can help give you some relief with indoor air quality products.



You can call us, reply to this email, or visit our website for more information.
Spring Woodlands Air Technicians
25528 Aldine Westfield Rd Unit 103
Spring, TX 77373
SWAT’s Todd Polonski Interviewed by “Ask The Guru” on HVAC

SWAT’s Todd Polonski Interviewed by “Ask The Guru” on HVAC

SWAT’s Todd Polonski was recently interviewed by “Ask The Guru” about finding a reputable HVAC contractor and key points as to what you might ask when looking for an HVAC Company.

When asked by GBTV on how to find the best Local HVAC Company, Todd Polonski listed several key factors in finding just such a professional to work on your air conditioning system for either AC Repair in the Spring Tx area or an HV AC Contractor.  The key takeaways from this interview were the following ideas, knowing what to look for and knowing the right questions to ask. How do you differentiate the good companies from the bad?

  1. People want to know “What the problem is” that they are currently experiencing.
  2. What needs to done to fix it?

How do you find a highly reputable company with all the confusing seemingly similar offers out there?

  1. Look for multiple reviews from sources such as
  2. Google
  3. Facebook
  4. Yelp
  5. The BBB, Better Business Bureau.

Stick to a Local Company, and make sure it is a privately owned company.  Find one that is close by so that if you have issues, they are able to get to you in a timely fashion.  Big franchise operations are less likely to have the freedom to help you and work with you on special issues you may have,  where Mom and Pop, locally owned companies have more freedom, and will usually work with you like you are part of the family.

If we can help please look us up on the internet at and or call us at 281-705-6401



SWAT | OPEN During COVID-19 Outbreak | AC Repair Emergency Services

SWAT | OPEN During COVID-19 Outbreak | AC Repair Emergency Services

We Are Open

Spring Woodlands Air Technicians are considered an Essential Service and will be open to serve our customers even while the shelter at home order is in place for Harris county. Our suppliers will be open as well to get the parts and equipment need to stay operational. 

Our technicians have been issuing PPE ( masks, gloves booties, etc.) and will wear it upon request as long as supplies last. 

They have also been briefed on Social distancing.

We are taking these measures to protect the Heath of our customers and staff and want you to know that if you need us we will be there for you. Please feel free to call with any questions or concerns.

Hopefully, we will get through this quickly and without incident.

Todd Polonski
Spring Woodlands Air Techs

AC Repair Tomball Tx

AC Repair Tomball Tx

AC Repair Company in Tomball, TX

S.W.A.T. has HVAC experts servicing the Tomball area that are available when your air conditioning problems occur. S.W.A.T. has technicians that can service all major brands of air conditioning units and systems. If your home needs a new system, we will give you the best options to choose from. Don’t be uncomfortable in your own home. Call S.W.A.T. today to get your A/C repaired by the best in the business.

Your air conditioning system can fail when you least expect it. You need a company that you can count on to fix your issues. You can count on S.W.A.T. to be there to get the A/C in your home or office running again. SWAT is a company that can be called on 24-hours a day and is ready to take your call and get you cool quick.

Help your air conditioning system last you as many years as possible, with our annual maintenance program. Sign up for our annual HVAC membership program today. Speak to one of our friendly customer service representatives for more information.

HVAC Furnace Repair in Tomball

Whenever you need heater installation, repair, or inspections in Tomball, TX, call Abacus. We focus on always delivering the best customer service and fixing your problem as soon as possible. S.W.A.T. Tomball HVAC technicians are able to service and repair on almost all makes and models of electric and gas furnaces.

Having your heating system professionally inspected and tuned-up every year will ensure it is working properly and is cost efficient. We have a heating system tune-up service, but we recommend signing up for HVAC membership program. This includes two HVAC system inspections a year as well as system tune-ups. Ask a customer service representatives for more information about our membership plans.

Our certified HVAC technicians offer a wide variety of services such as:

HVAC Annual Tune-Ups

The weather in Tomball has AC systems working hard for most of year. Annual HVAC inspections can make your AC unit more dependable. Air conditioning companies are extremely busy during the summer. Many homeowners could wait hours or days before someone can service or repair your air conditioning equipment. Many significant problems can be prevented by getting an air conditioning inspection every year. Tune ups help keep your AC unit running at or near original factory specifications. Annual inspections can save you from having to spend thousands of dollars on air conditioning services.

24 Hour Air Conditioning Repair Company

Tomball and its hot weather has your AC unit working around the clock. AC units that work too hard for extended periods can stop running right when you need it the most. When your AC stops working, you need it fixed as soon as possible. You shouldn’t hire just any company, hire S.W.A.T.  We work in the Heat so you don’t have to!

Call S.W.A.T., a company you can trust. There are a score of air conditioning problems you could experience. You need technicians that can fix your problem. Call S.W.A.T. to get the top HVAC professionals in the business to fix all your AC problems as soon as possible.


Commercial Air Conditioning Contractor Houston

Commercial Air Conditioning Contractor Houston

S.W.A.T. (Spring Woodlands Air Technicians) is and experienced commercial HVAC contractor in the North Houston corridor including Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe, Tomball, Klein, Magnolia, and all areas in between.  With over 30 year of experience in AC repair we can handle any small to medium sized commercial job you need completed.

Commercial HVAC


Commercial Heating and Air Conditioning

Commercial AC & HVAC

SWAT has been fixing, repairing, and replacing commercial AC systems for over 29 years.  We are a family run business and we care about our customers both commercial and residential.  We will provide you with highly, personalized and professional service and provide on time service guarantees.

Our goal is to provide you the best Commercial AC service in the Houston area.  We currently have four vehicles out with technicians that are trained to take care of your heating or AC issues.  We offer various forms of financing and stand ready to help you get your home back to a cool space to live in the hot Houston summers, and we can also make you feel comfortable in the cold winter as well.

Full Commercial AC System Repair or Replacement

Replace your furnace or AC systems including the outdoor condensing unit, furnace, evaporator coil, and plenum box. Our staff will also replace the emergency drain and provide all new parts. All brands and parts included in the price.

Let us do your Commercial work for you!  You will be happy you used our company!

We are a proud member of JVPNG and BNI here in the Spring area and our services are guaranteed to make you happy!


Full-Service Tune-Up’s

Spring Woodlands Air Technicians

Complete HVAC Repair or Replacement

Spring Woodlands Air Technicians

Complete HVAC Repair or Replace


Spring Woodlands Air Technicians

AC Repair Spring Texas and The Woodlands Tx.  If your home air conditioning system needs repair then contact the professionals at SWAT AC and Heating Repair to come out and diagnose and fix your HVAC system.  Our team has been serving the local communities for Commercial AC and Residential HVAC maintenance and repairs and installation of new AC and Heating systems for over 29 years now serving the North Houston and Spring areas. 

We are also master distributors of Global Plasma Air Purifier systems for total home air quality.  If you want to control your heating and or air conditioning system from a remote location, we can also install ecobee smart thermostat systems.

Professional Equipment

Air Conditioner Repair

Find affordable air-conditioning products and services at Spring Woodlands Air Technicians. We provide repair, preventative maintenance, tune-ups, and real estate inspections for buyers and sellers.

Air Conditioning

Reliable Air Conditioning Systems
Commercial and Residential


Reliable Heating Systems
Commercial and Residential

Air Quality

Global Plasma Total In Home Air Cleaners

Ecobee 4

Most smart thermostats only read the temperature in one place (usually the hallway) which can make other rooms uncomfortable. ecobee4 comes with a room sensor to help manage hot and cold spots.

Sun Screens

Sun Screens – We offer custom solar screens that can keep glare and heat into your home at a minimum and make your AC systems work more efficiently!

Ice Machines

Manitowoc Ice has an entire line ofundercounter ice machines to match your restaurantneeds. Learn more about our NEO, Sotto, and Big Shot Ice Machines.

We work in the heat and cold
so you don’t have to!


We are a family run business and believe in family values.  We will treat you like you are part of our family and make sure that you are taken care of like we would take care of grandma!  Call us and experience the best service you have ever had!


Junior as we call him, has been with SWAT for over 7 years and is well versed in all phases of installation and repair work on all AC and Heating systems.  

Todd and Stacy

Todd and Stacy are the owners of SWAT.  Todd is the primary technical person and the founder of the company.  Stacy keeps the books in order and makes sure you are happy!


Brandon is our go to guy for anyting heat related.  He can work on AC systems as well.  All of our technicians are fully trained from the factory and well versed in all HVAC areas!

Satisfied Customers

Years Experience

Commercial Clients

Product Companies

Core Features


Spring Woodlands Air Technicians serving North, Central West Houston and the Woodlands

Serving North Houston Texas

Spring, Champions, Conroe, Cypress, Cypersswood, Tomball, The Woodlands and All Points in between.

Residential Heating and Cooling

Spring Woodlands Air Technicians specializes in Residential AC and Heating Repair and replacement.

Air Purifiers

SWAT is a national representative of Global Plasma Whole Home Air Purification Systems.

Smart Thermostats

SWAT is an Ecobee preferred contractor for the entire Ecobee line including smart thermostats for home and business solutions.

Experienced Commercial HVAC

SWAT is s fully qualified commercial HVAC contractor and can proviode full scale commercial heating and air conditioning systems repair, and replacement.